School COVID-19 do’s and don’ts: A teacher’s safety guide | #covid19 | #kids | #childern

Over the past six months, COVID-19 has forced young children to learn an overwhelming amount about staying safe during a pandemic, says Milpitas second-grade teacher Adrienne Barber.

But Barber said children are resilient and can adapt to doing school at home and following rules about masks and social distancing. It’s important, though, for parents and teachers to use lessons that are simple and not tinged with adult fears about the serious health risks.

That’s why Barber published her first-ever illustrated children’s book, “School Coronavirus Do’s and Don’ts.” The book offers up important safety lessons in a humorous but comforting way with simple prose and Barber’s own fun and colorful drawings.

“Do wear a mask on your face,” reads one page with an illustration of a boy proudly wearing a mask.

“Don’t wear a mask on your elbows,” reads the next page, with the boy looking a little puzzled while, yes, wearing masks on his elbows.

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