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  • Schools up to 9-12th class in Corona period, students are missing from September 21
  • Corona fear of parents, children are not sending to school
  • Written permission of parents is required for children upto 9-12th to come to school

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Schools that have been closed for more than 5 months in the country are already open a week. But due to Corona Pandemic, there is neither the presence of children nor the presence of children in schools. Explain that the government had issued guidelines to open schools for children up to 9-12th standard. Written permission of their parents was also required for children to come to school. In states where schools are open, parents are not sending or are hesitant to send children to school due to fear of corona.

Schools open, but no students
According to the guidelines of the Center, from September 21, the states of the country that were willing to open schools from 9-12th could open schools according to the SOP. But now after school opens, the attendance of students is very less. Parents are hesitant to send children to school due to fear of corona virus. Many schools opened on 21 September have announced the closure of the campus by 30 September due to low attendance of students.

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Center had issued these guidelines on opening of school
The Central Government had given permission to open schools from class 9 to 12 from 21 September onwards. Under Unlock-4, SOP has been released. Students desirous of going to school have to obtain written permission from the parents. There should be at least 6 feet of second between students. Apart from this, face cover / mask has been made mandatory. The schools which have a quarantine center will be fully sanitized before opening. There will be no biometric attendance at the moment. Even inside the school, hands will have to be washed or sanitized in a short period of time. Restrictions on spitting in the premises

The school has prepared this for the students
-Schools allow students to study only after the parents’ written permission.
Online classes required for sick students, teachers.
Students are not allowed to gather in one place for inter-university and free time.
– It is necessary for students and all employees to wear masks on the school campus.
System of thermal screening and hand sanitizer.
– Provision of multiple entry and exit gates.
-Desk, teaching material, computer, laptop are constantly being disinfected.
– Online classes also continue continuously.

Corona is afraid of parents
Parents say that schools are giving them the impression that all steps are being taken to protect the students. Umesh Malviya, father of a student in Bhopal, said, ‘It is true that good preparation has been done for students in schools. But there is still fear of the corona virus. The cases of Kovid-19 are continuously increasing and it is scaring us. However, if schools guarantee the safety of children, then there is no problem in sending them to school. Mita Sharma, the mother of a student said, “I will not send my child to school under any circumstances.”


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