School shooting threat leads to arrest

An after-school altercation allegedly led to a threat of a shooting at a Winnipeg high school and has resulted in one person in police custody.

Seven Oaks School Division superintendent Brian O’Leary said West Kildonan Collegiate had a police presence on Tuesday, a day after alleged online threats were made that a shooting would take place at the high school.

O’Leary said the incident was sparked after school hours on Monday in a “minor altercation between a few students.” O’Leary said one individual made anonymous threats toward the school online and some time late Monday or in the early-morning hours Tuesday an arrest was made.

“We were able (Tuesday) morning to put some facts in a message to parents out that we have police on site and to reassure people that the (police) response was immediate and effective,” O’Leary said.

Winnipeg police confirmed an arrest was made over the alleged threats and their police service’s presence at the school Tuesday was a precautionary measure.

No details are yet available on the nature of the arrest or pending charges.

O’Leary said there didn’t appear to be an immediate danger to students at the school.

“I’m not certain whether this was in jest or not, but there certainly wasn’t any notion of threat or risk,” he said.

He said a follow-up with the individuals involved in the initial incident will be conducted and said the school and the division’s goal was to “return things to normal as much as possible.”