School Shootings in 2018, Remembered | #schoolshooting

April 19: Jackson High School in Jackson, Michigan

No one was injured after two bullets broke through classroom windows at Jackson High School, the Detroit Free Press reported; teachers and students were in the classrooms at the time of the shooting. According to M Live, police were reportedly continuing to investigate the shooting and had yet to officially determine a motive behind the shooting. M Live reported that it appeared the rounds fired were from a handgun.

Classes were canceled in all Jackson Public Schools on the Friday that followed the incident, M Live reported. According to a statement school superintendent Jeff Beal made to the Detroit Free Press, the school appeared to be an “unfortunate victim of neighborhood violence.” According to M Live, the Jackson Citizen Patriot reported that police said the bullets that hit the school were believed to have come from the neighborhood near the school.

April 20: Forest High School in Ocala, Florida

A 17-year-old student suffered non-life-threatening injuries after a former student of Forest High School shot him in the ankle, CNN reported. CNN confirmed that the suspect was charged with terrorism, aggravated assault with a firearm, culpable negligence, carrying a concealed and unlicensed firearm, possessing a firearm on school property, possession of a short-barreled shotgun, interfering with school function, and armed trespass on school property.

According to The Washington Post, the shooting took place at about 8:30 a.m., after the suspect drove to the school. The Post reported that the suspect hid a shotgun in a guitar case to carry it into a school bathroom, where the suspect reportedly put on a tactical vest and gloves before firing a single round at a classroom door and injuring a student.

In a press conference held after the shooting, Marion County Florida Sheriff Billy Woods addressed what happened, saying: “It’s a shame what society has come to, and that we even have to be here on a school campus. You know, society has changed since I was a kid, since I was in school. This is not just a law enforcement problem, this is a society problem.” He added, “We as a whole need to do something. My feelings, my emotions are running rampant.”

April 22: Benjamin Elijah Mays High School in Atlanta

According to a statement from Atlanta Public Schools and reporting from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, an altercation in the parking lot of Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta led to one shot being fired.

In a statement reported by AJC, Atlanta Public Schools described the incident, saying: “A female student got into a verbal altercation with a male acquaintance, who is not a Mays student, that resulted in the male breaking a car window and the student receiving cuts from the broken glass.” The statement continued, “As the male acquaintance drove away, at least one shot was fired into the air in the parking lot. No other injuries were reported.”

Police later found and arrested 19-year-old suspect Patrick Dominique Williams, who allegedly fired the shot, according to AJC. According to Fulton County records, as reported in AJC, Williams was facing charges of reckless conduct, making terroristic threats, aggravated assault, discharge of firearms on the property of another, and carrying weapons within a school safety zone.

May 3: Waynesboro Elementary School in Waynesboro, Tennessee

No one was injured in an accidental firing of a gun that happened after an elementary school student brought a gun to Waynesboro Elementary School in Waynesboro, Tennessee, the Tennessean reported.

The student reportedly unintentionally discharged the firearm while in a bathroom. Police were reportedly investigating the incident, and the school was placed on a temporary lockdown, WSMV4 reported. WSMV4 also reported that, due to a zero-tolerance policy, the student was expelled.

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