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Corona virus has forced many states to remain closed despite exemptions. Most states do not want to take any risk. In states where the schools are opening from October 15, according to the instructions of the Center, caution is also to be taken. It has been said clearly that if children do not want to come then do not come. There is a lot of emphasis on online classes and parents are not in favor of sending children out yet, so even fewer children are likely to come to school. Many states have opened school doors for students of classes 9 to 12. But states are reluctant to call the children of primary school. Let us know what is the latest update on opening or closing the school.

Schools will open in UP from October 19

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has decided to leave the Containment Zone and open the school elsewhere. The schools will open in a phased manner from October 19. First, schools for students from class 9 to 12 will open. According to the guidelines, classes for parents who do not want to send to school will continue to run online as before. Read full news in detail.

Madhya Pradesh postponed plan to open school

The Madhya Pradesh government partially opened schools in classes 9 to 12 from 21 September. Now they are considering increasing the number of students. According to the state education minister Inder Singh Parmar, the government has decided not to open primary and middle schools yet. He said, ‘We are not going to take the risk of opening primary school after October 15. There is a lot of risk in opening primary and middle class schools and if anything happens to a child, the state government will be blown apart.

Karnataka, Gujarat will also not open schools

Karnataka Education Minister S Suresh Kumar has said that there are no plans to open schools in the state soon. He said that the idea of ​​opening a school is the last in the list of the state government. At the same time, the Gujarat government is also thinking of opening a school after Diwali. Vinod Rao, Secretary, Department of Education, told news agency PTI that there is no plan to open the school. Telangana has also not taken any decision on opening the school.

Schools will remain closed in these states too

There are orders to close schools in Delhi till 31 October. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has also decided not to open the school till 2 November. In West Bengal also, schools will open only after Durga Puja i.e. schools will be closed till mid-November. The Tamil Nadu government has a similar view. Schools will also remain closed in Maharashtra.

Children can go to school here

Schools have been opened in states like Punjab, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya, Assam. However, it is not allowed to come without the parents’ written permission.

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