Schools trying to figure out how to address marijuana legalization | #parents | #teensvaping

The recent legalization of recreational marijuana has school districts concerned that now it’s legal, there may be more use in teens.

“Just the methods and the different actions that are available for marijuana use which could be appealing to teens,” Rago says, 

Rago says that after vaping swept over schools across the country the district implemented a multi-step vaping intervention learning program that they are considering doing the same with marijuana. 

“Is there a way that we can kind of mirror that specific to a cannabis intervention program?” Rago says.

Rago says that while they work with multiple agencies to teach students about the drug, they will also do staff and parent training so they can look for the warning signs.

“In the midst of it and you feel like your teen might need that support then again reach out and get that support for them,” Rago says. 

Their slogan is legal does not mean safe and if students are caught with it.

“A student not only may have a consequence, whether it be some kind of in-school suspension or perhaps a detention along those lines, they also would participate in this program there has to be teaching,” Rago says.

Rago says that they have their work cut out for them with the goal not to get students in trouble, but to educate them on how to be safe. 

“Developing their skills for whatever might come next,” Rago says. “Right now it’s marijuana but what could be the next trend or next kind of thing that is going to be a challenging issue that no matter what that might look like kids at the basis will have everything they need to be able to handle that.”


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