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In a separate message to the community, Dr. Baker added: “We are making progress in the formal bargaining process with the Teachers Association of Long Beach to finalize further details regarding the new school year, and we hope to provide another update early next week.” But (again) that parents aren’t at the table in that process. LBUSD management and the Teachers Association of Long Beach (TALB) are negotiating behind closed doors on a “Memorandum of Understanding,” basically a contractual arrangement between them. Its terms will have obviously affect health and safety issues for LB teachers and students but it’s still basically a transaction between management and labor.

What grade would you give that process thus far?



Meanwhile, some parents and teachers learned via a social network (Aug. 13), subsequently confirmed by LBUSD spokesperson Chris Eftychious (reported Aug. 14 by Valerie Osier on LBPost.com) that two LBUSD employees (jobs not decribed) at Millikan High School and one at Poly High, have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. The immediate effect is likely minimal; the campuses are closed with only skeleton staff around. But the way the facts came out produced social network dismay. What else might LBUSD management know about COVID-19 infections that they’re not telling us?

LB’s elected School Board members are supposed to be the public’s voice in this process. Thus far, we haven’t heard any of them dissent from LBUSD management on these matters. What grade would you give the School Board on these issues thus far? Use our Facebook page or Disqus comment system below.


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