#schoolsafety | APS seeks new ‘injury’ definition for teacher assaults in contract

Teachers and administrators negotiating a new three-year labor contract in Akron Public Schools are digging in on school safety and student discipline, apparently agreeing only on how critical the issue is to reaching an agreement.

Many of the facts and definitions are in dispute as the two sides come together again to bargain next month with a federal mediator.

“We firmly believe our dedicated teachers share our goal of providing a safe environment for them to teach and for our students to learn,” Superintendent Christine Fowler-Mack said in an emailed statement to the Beacon Journal in which she called student behavior “a principal element in contract talks.” 

“To that end, we are fully committed to the negotiation process that, when approached in good faith, can and will result in a contract that is fair to our educators and that puts kids first,” she said. 

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