#schoolsafety | (AUDIO) West Point-Beemer School Board presented with P2T Information, School Safety Report, Test Results

The West Point-Beemer School Board was updated with P2T information at Monday night’s meeting. Superintendent Bill McAllister says the P2T Board is looking at a number of ways to fund P2T.
https://media.ruralradio.co/wordpress/2019/10/McAllister-PtwoT-Update.mp3McAllister also gave a School Safety Report.https://media.ruralradio.co/wordpress/2019/10/McAllister-School-Safety-Report.mp3Administrators shared test results to the Board. McAllister shares the grades for each level.https://media.ruralradio.co/wordpress/2019/10/McAllister-Test-Results.mp3McAllister noted the difference in testing for high school and middle school, saying high school is just one class as opposed to four grade levels in Middle School.

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