#schoolsafety | Barnegat BOE Candidate: Meet Robert Geddes

Nine years ago, I moved from Woodbridge with my wife and 3 children and settled into Barnegat. With a career spanning over 20 years in the educational assessment industry, I was very concerned when my oldest child entered 5th grade and was being provided a 4th grade curriculum in the Barnegat School District. I decided to stop voicing for a positive change and start making a positive impact for all students.  

In the fall of 2013, I contributed to the first Strategic Planning sessions as a parent and citizen to make sure the district was planning to improve the curriculum and provide access to student technology in a fiscally responsible manner.  In 2014 and 2017, I campaigned and won a term on the Board of Education and continued making positive change.

I am running with Doreen Continanza and Justin Deemer for The Brighter Future of the Barnegat education. We share many core values regarding education and the future direction of the district.  Together with my running mates, we will continue to create an educational environment where each student feels passionate and empowered to learn that will naturally result in student achievement. A student who is better prepared will have more options-all resulting in success in life!

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Reflecting On The Past

Barnegat is a fantastic school district filled with passionate educators, outstanding students, and caring parents. Over the last 6 years, I am proud to have made great positive changes in the district.  I have never “kicked the can down the road” for future Boards to handle.  While serving the community, I have required and supported the administration to address many issues…

…and push for positive changes

  • Technology Enhancements (1 to 1 Initiative, 3D Printers, SmartBoards)

  • New Curriculum Programs (Girls That Code, Robotics, Business Courses, STEM Curriculum, AP Courses)

  • CyberPatriot Program

  • Restored Middle School Basketball

  • SAT Prep Opportunity

  • Free PreK Program

  • Revived and formalized the Gifted and Talented Program

  • PAWS Academy for Struggling Learners

  • Grading Range Standardization

  • Energy Savings Improvement Projects

  • Security Enhancements

  • BHS Concession Stand

  • BHS Athletic Turf Field

  • Barnegat ROTC

  • Elementary Grade Banding

  • Master Teacher and Data Coach

  • LinkIt! Assessment Data Cloud Application

Addressing the Present

The headwind of the Covid-19 pandemic has challenged the education environment from the learner to the educator in an unimaginable way. The administrators and teachers needed to put health and safety first, reinvent the definition of education, and deliver learning through virtual classrooms – no small task.  The district’s families are also having to adapt to this new normal in so many ways – from channeling their inner teacher and helping with student technology to juggling remote work while addressing other childcare needs. The students, from the youngest in Pre-K to those beginning their senior year, are having to quickly adapt to this new reality in education.

In the coming months, there will be difficult decisions to be made as the district continues to balance the health and safety of students and staff, the education needs in a Covid world, and the economic impact on local, state, and federal funding.  I am committed to work closely with the administration to make those hard decisions, support cost effective solutions, and minimize the health, education, & financial impacts on the community.

Planning A Brighter Future

I am dedicated to solidifying the foundation of educational success and continuing transforming the district to meet the Five Year Strategic Plan: maximize student’s potential for future success, increase student’s access and fluency in technology, and responsibly fund educational initiatives.  I am proud of the progress being made to position this district to achieve educational excellence in a fiscally responsible manner.

The education our children receive will set the foundation for their brightest of futures. I believe it is time to move beyond the traditional this class or that class, a higher-level course or a lower-level course, an academic program or a technical program. All of these learning choices can combine to become a particular student pathway to a high school diploma. 

I will work with the administration to form accessible and empowering learning pathways which will personalize education for all levels of learners. Personalized learning pathways empower all students to pursue their passions while encouraging them to take more responsibility for their education. Beginning in middle school, students would start working with their teachers to blend a variety of educational experiences that satisfy graduation competencies and meet state-required standards, such as career-and-technical, college-level, and online courses, in addition to internships, apprenticeships, and volunteer opportunities that are intentionally designed to integrate with a student’s academic learning. This effort will provide the student with the greatest opportunity to find their highest potential. After all, isn’t that the goal – the very best for our children. 





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