#schoolsafety | Breakdown of back to school safety

YUMA, Ariz. ( KYMA, KECY) – Things will look a little different for students as the new school year approaches. Several safety guidelines and new ways of learning will go into effect come August.

The Yuma County Superintendent tells our news team part of the new protocol for schools is that all students and staff will have daily temperature checks.

The main goal is to keep everyone socially distant, the key is to limit in-person classes. Which is why several districts will follow the hybrid model. “Students will be in their schools for some number of days during the week which will be based on the District schedule,” said Tom Tyree, the Yuma County Superintendent of Schools.

He said all districts are working or already making technology devices available to all students. That way each will have what they need to work get the work completely done. “Using their own devices to provide instruction on there, teachers will help the students with that,” said Tyree.

However, he said the major challenge is to ensure all students have access to internet. “That schools will provide a place for students on campus if they need to come in order to get that hotpot so they can complete the work,” said Tyree.

In addition, Tyree said if students were to go on campus they will most likely see some form of dividers between each desk or at the front office. All in an effort to stop the spread of the virus.

He also mentioned to News 11 that at some point in the semester, districts will work on getting UVC lights installed to combat the virus. “Where you can install certain kinds of lights that will kill or distinct the viruses,” said Tyree.

Tyree said that if parents feel reluctant to send their children to school even for a couple of days a week, the option to do all classes virtually is on the table.

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