#schoolsafety | Cops out of Madison Schools: Committee to decide what is next

Tomorrow the Madison School Board will consider a proposal for a “Safety and Security Ad Hoc Committee” – the proposal has much more detail now.


Here’s the attachment for the agenda item.  The Recommended Action is as follows:

It is recommended that the Board of Education create an ad hoc committee called the Ad Hoc Committee on Safety and Security which shall be charged with providing the full Board of Education with options for replacing School Resource Officers at the four MMSD comprehensive high schools focused on budget and policy recommendations.

It is further recommended that board members Gloria Reyes and Savion Castro co-chair the ad hoc committee.

It is further recommended that the Board of Education approve the membership and timeline as set forth in the document prepared for the Special meeting dated July 20, 2020.


Ad Hoc Committee Work Draft July 16, 2020

Charge of Ad Hoc Committee: The committee is charged with examining safety and security options for our High Schools related to removing SRO’s out of our Madison School District High Schools. The work of the committee will focus on budget and policy recommendations to the Board.

  • Consider information regarding the 2016 Ad Hoc committee
  • Consider safety and security High School Systems that would remain the same, revised/strengthened and/or changed. What needs to be in place when schools reopen?
  • Consider resources needed to support safe schools-reallocation of resources.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding current BOE policies regarding safety, security and police involvement: 4224, 4147 and 4400. Expand 4400 to include more details of required police involvement and continued relationship with MPD for Act 81 and 143​ and response to mandated reporting requirements.

*This subcommittee of the board is different from the work of the ERO Ad Hoc Committee established in 2016. The charge of the task force in 2016 focused on recommendations on best practices related to SRO’s and changes in specific contract language to include in the current SRO contract and review existing MMSD data, federal and local guidance, contracts and policies related to SRO’s. It was not focused on examining the process, policies and practices of safety and security without an SRO in our High Schools.

There would also be an administrative team doing the work of preparing our schools for not having a school resource officer. This team would be working with and reporting their progress and recommendations to the Board Committee.

Board Policy 1041:
Ad Hoc Committees and Subcommittees:

    1. The BOARD may create and determine the composition of ad hoc committees as deemed appropriate. For purposes of this paragraph and its sub-paragraphs, the term “ad hoc committee” includes a task force or similar advisory body.
      1. An ad hoc committee need not be a committee of the whole and may include or consist entirely of individuals who are not Board Members.
      2. Except where a different process is expressly established by Board Policy or by the BOARD at the time the ad hoc committee is created, members of an ad hoc committee shall be appointed by standard majority vote following nomination by the BOARD PRESIDENT.
    2. Pursuant to a vote taken by an ad hoc committee, an ad hoc committee may make a recommendation to the BOARD but may not take final action without action by the BOARD as a whole at a regular or special Board meeting.
    3. The BOARD reserves the right to dissolve any ad hoc committee, whether created by the BOARD, or by any other committee or subunit.


  • Savion Castro, Co-chair – MMSD board member
  • Gloria Reyes, Co-chair – MMSD board member
  • Keisha Duncan, LHS – 11th – MMSD Student
  • Deja Mays, West – MMSD Student
  • Vera Naputi, West Parent – MMSD parent
  • Stephanie Prewitt, LHS Parent – MMSD parent
  • Everett Mitchell – Community member
  • TBA – Community member
  • Lorrie Hurckes-Dwyer, Dane County Time Bank – Community member, SHRAC
  • Anthony Ward, JMM – School Security Staff*
  • Patrice Hutchins, East – High School Staff Member
  • Corvan Gains, West – High School Staff Member
  • Ed Sadlowski – MTI
  • Nadia Pearson, West – MMSD Student


  • Mike Hernandez, District – Chief of High Schools*
  • Devon Larosa, LAF – High School Principal
  • Mark Brown, District – Director of Safety and Security*
  • Gina Auguglia, District – Coordinator- Cross Systems Support
  • Bryn Martyna, District – Coordinator of Progressive Discipline


Since this is a short timeline. The time commitment will be at least five 1.5 hour meetings and 5 hours preparation time.

July 6 1:00 Jane, Mike, Karen, Tim- meeting to review and revise timeline
Jane, Gloria, Mike, Karen, Tim, Mike HZ, Ali
Reasonable timeline
Charge/Purpose of committee
Committee Membership (Beginning and ending date)
Determine role of Chiefs and Jay’s team in addressing the Culture and Climate aspect of school safety and belonging-
Work on MPD Data to be updated on July 20 (July 15 Deadline)

Work that lies ahead with MPD-

Meet with Safety and Security HS Assistant Principals to review work and timeline ahead (July 8-August 15)

Board Meeting
Vote on the Referenda;
Announce Board process to form Safety committee
Special Board Meeting:
Vote regarding membership of Board Ad Hoc Committee Update on Reopening School in the Fall
Board Memo (Revised from April 23) and Arrest/Citation Report in Board Packet Review of 2016 Ad Hoc Report – MMSD Safety Team will provide a summary of the work.done in this area

Prepare Family and staff newsletters with communication update around safety and security

Ad Hoc Committee meeting #1

  • establish timeline of work and meetings
  • Consideration of 2016 Ad Hoc Report-?
  • Update from MMSD Safety and Security Team Review current revisions of the current District Safety Plan- What are we missing?
  • Identify HS systems that would be the same, those that would be revised/strengthened and/ or different ​This update would be to the Ad Hoc Committee probably much like the memo to the Board July 15 and/or 20
Ad Hoc Committee meeting #2 and #3
● review and make recommendations to Board Policies 4224,4247,and

● 4400. Expand 4147 and 4400 to recommend details of police involvement for Act 85 and 143

Ad Hoc Committee Meeting #4

Prepare Update to the Board

Ad Hoc Committee Committee Meeting #5

Prepare Update to Board

District Safety Team Update to Board
HS Principals Share Safety Plans and Next Steps with community and BOE


August 31 Ad Hoc Committee Update to Board .

Communication to Families and Staff would be planned according to the timeline​.

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