#schoolsafety | (Exclusive) Dr. David Agus says school safety will depend on where you live

Watch Now! CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. David Agus discusses the surging coronavirus outbreak in the United States. According to Agus, the safety of sending kids back to school depends on where you call home.

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To talk about face covering here just a second serious medical contributor doctor david joins us with more on the corona virus but doctor I guess I want to start with a question that tens of millions of parents are asking and wondering about that is should kids go back-to-school the cdc is michael noted release that new guides this week talking about the importance of having kids in classrooms tend to be done safely should be done.

Thank you jeff it’s a difficult time because there is no one-size-fits-all policy and obviously the cdc just put out a one-size-fits-all policy is going to depend what is the incident rate in the area you live if you’re in an area where there’s a significant number of cases and it’s going up I’d be very cautious about what’s going on in school my hope is most school districts make it mandated to wear a mask if you wear masks there is dramatically less spread in the classroom and within students and that’s going to be critical going for the policies that were put up by the cdc bar generic and we certainly need more prescriptive guidance for because school this is what to do students’ parents have to make critical decisions over the next several weeks about what to do in the fall you mention there it seems like everything comes back to two things masks and testing and we’ve seen delays in getting test results recently give us some sense as we move forward the next month aware should we be testing wives.

You know, when you test somebody you then can go back and say hey you’re positive let me see who you spoke to over the last two days we call that social tracing and we can talk to those individuals because they have been exposed to the virus but when there’s a delay of five six seven eight days on testing going back really is meaningless because those people who have been exposed can expose many others during that period so we have to do testing where we can get results within twenty four hours a shell we have to be able to scale testing especially in areas where harder hit where there are lines to get testing in days to get result that’s not acceptable we need testing and then at the same time we have to mandate a mandate in the country that we mass we don’t like that people are getting upset over that but we’re going to look back a month or two from now to us I wish we did earlier because it’s going to have to happen doctor how hopeful are you or when do you think a vaccine I know they’re in stage three in some of these trials for a for a potential vaccine how quickly do you think that happens?

Face three not stage three on a play but I’m just joking obviously the what duly noted several of them in phase we have several in phase three clinical trials across the globe my hope is that some of the phase three trials that started earlier in specially in countries like brazil and south africa will yield results so it’s the same vaccine and all of these countries we’re results that we can build on our face are just beginning the end of the month but if those results come true and there are statistical difference we can lower symptoms from the virus by least fifty percent I’m hoping seventy percent we could have a vaccine that early fall we certainly wish this was a play the entire thing we put a wrap on it kick it off broadway and never see it again doctor david thank you very much?

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