#schoolsafety | Groveport school leaders discuss ways to increase school safety

Chris Snyder, the board’s president, said the goal is to make sure all schools are safe, but admits there is room for improvement.

GROVEPORT, Ohio — During a special board of education meeting on Tuesday, board members discussed the ideas parents brought up in a previous meeting.  

10TV spoke with parents off camera that said they don’t feel safe sending their kids to school after several incidents, including a shooting at a football game and a fight.  

Chris Snyder, the board’s president, said the goal is to make sure all schools are safe.  

Snyder said they have numerous safety plans in place, as well as school resource officers and work closely with police.  

“I don’t believe our school is unsafe, but could it be safer? Absolutely,” said Snyder.  

“I mean there’s a whole lot of things that we need to do to make sure that we do address those safety concerns of our families our students our teachers our staff because we want our families to feel safe,” he said.  

During Tuesday night’s meeting board members discussed different ways to make the school safer, like adding metal detectors, clear book bags, and even increasing security staff.  

Snyder said the board is even considering adding a student advisory board to get input from those who matter the most.  

“If they feel like they have no voice, if they feel like they’re not being seen, if they feel like nobody knows who they are, well why would they care? Where’s their incentive to do anything if they don’t think anybody cares about them? But if we go and talk to them not only do we get to hear from them of what’s going on in their lives, but then they get to be seen, heard sometimes for the first time ever,” said Snyder.  

Snyder said before any decision is made, the board wants to make sure they’re making the right choice for the school.  

The next board meeting is in two weeks.  

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