#schoolsafety | Jessica Roe: Candidate for Littleton Public Schools Board of Education

City or town of residence: Centennial

Occupation: Journalist, private investigator, full-time law student

Contact information: Jroe4LPS@gmail.com, www.JRoe4LPS.com

Why are you seeking this office?

I believe students, parents, educators and taxpayers deserve access to — and accountability from – school board directors. I want to be connected to the population affected by the board’s decisions. I will seek out and listen to feedback. I will be transparent in every step of this role.

What makes you the best person for the job?

With a background in communications, law and public service, I am positioned to bring an outside perspective. I know public service can be challenging. As a public servant, I will at all times remember the “servant” part of my title and make decisions in the best interest of constituents.

What, if anything, should be done to enhance security at district schools?

LPS must commit to the recommendations that came from the joint arbitration agreement with the family of Claire Davis following the shooting at Arapahoe High School. Other enhancements at may come from recommendations from the Legislature’s School Safety Committee, which called on me to testify at their first convening in July. We should require third-party campus security assessments, add bullet-proof film on exterior windows and glass panels adjacent to classroom doors; number all of our classrooms on the outside windows, the roof, and on the door glass panel; and centralize the physical act locking down a campus with one-button systems.

What, if anything, should be done to better address the mental health needs of district students?

We can only best serve the mental health needs of our students if our professionals have proper tools, training and support. If we provide educators a livable salary, reasonable class sizes, appropriate planning time, and the tools and training they need, they will be better positioned to spot students in need of counseling or other mental health services. We also need continued reporting from LPS’s social, emotional and behavioral health team to the board, which recently provided a snapshot of the variety of mental health and discipline issues our educators encounter daily, and the effectiveness of programs in place. 

What issue or issues must the school board make a bigger priority next year than it has in recent years?

Deliver equity, pay a living wage, require threat assessments, review and implement the legislature’s School Safety Committee recommendations, reduce classroom sizes, improve mental health and suicide-prevention resources, assure educators they can communicate with the board without fear of retaliation, and provide live TV (and recorded video access) of board meetings.

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