#schoolsafety | Mobile App Increases School Safety and Security for Texas School for the Deaf

Two-Way Communication Now in Real Time with Smart Button® Instant Panic Button

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Texas School for the Deaf (TSD) has adopted a new school safety tool for its campus.

The Smart Button®instant panic button mobile app, created by Anonymous Alerts, LLC, is available to employees in the event of a crisis situation. TSD’s sprawling campus of 40+ buildings includes a lot of ground to cover in an emergency situation, making real-time staff communication a must.

TSD’s official launch of the app coincides with the Texas Association of School Administrators Midwinter Conference held in in Austin, Texas on January 27, 2020 in Booth 700.

The recently patented (U.S. Patent No. 10,419,399) Smart Button® helps cut down response times compared to traditional 9-1-1 methods during a crisis situation. The technology works on Apple and Android mobile devices as an emergency alert mechanism and is a two-way communication system for school employees. When the Smart Button is pressed/activated, the Smart Button can connect Texas School for the Deaf’s staff with triage team(s) and/or law enforcement immediately, and have a real-time chat conversation with triage team(s) members and or law enforcement as the situation(s) unfolds or receive emergency communications from the TSD.

TSD Superintendent, Claire Bugen, says “with our large campus, real-time emergency communication is crucial for the safety of our students, faculty and staff. TSD is always looking for new ways to protect our campus and increase the flow of information, especially during an emergency crisis. The Smart Button mobile app provides us with an instantaneous way of alerting all campus buildings at the same time when a crisis situation is taking place creating a safer school climate.”

With the School Violence Prevention and Mitigation Act of 2019, one purpose is to encourage school districts to make safety and security improvements. Many districts have since made adjustments to protocols and the Smart Button panic button app is a tool that provides a helpful solution to this initiative.

TSD Risk Manager, Stacy Correa, says “for our faculty and staff, Smart Button’s technology provides that increased security with instant response to improve communication in the event of a crisis.”


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