#schoolsafety | Myers-Small discusses finalizing, policing initial safety policy

While the district did release a 20-page document outlining the expectations for district employees, there are currently no specifics about the plans for students and how the district will police all of the requirements.

Myers-Small says a lot is going on right now within the district to determine the best way to instruct students in the fall. She says she’s in constant contact with other districts like Greece, that have already released their plans.

However, the superintendent also says the city has some considerations that suburban districts don’t have.

For example, last school year the district provided up to 25,000 meals to students each week. So, while teaching and learning may be number one, she says social and emotional needs have to be considered.

According to Myers-Small, the district is constantly pivoting and going with the flow, looking at everything from social distancing to special education instruction.

The district does expect to meet the state deadline of July 31 to submit its plan for reopening even though a number of issues still have not been decided.

“So we are looking out at all of our available spaces,” Myers-Small said. “We have folks who are physically actually measuring out the classrooms. It’s not just students, staff that have to be in there. It’s not the students it’s the adults that have to be in there.”

Rochester survey’s found that almost half of families in the district said COVID-19 had had a noticeable impact on their day to day lives and more than a third of parents said they have concerns about sending their children back to school days a week.

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