#schoolsafety | Sioux City Community School Board discusses school safety, return-to-learn update

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) — Sioux City community school board discussed the return to learn plan, but also safety in schools on election day.

The teacher union president shared her concern with the board about rooms being isolated on election day, bringing up her worries of predators, emergency situations and COVID-19.

She brought the idea of either no school, a teacher work day, or a virtual day of learning for those schools.

“The main issue is the safety of the kids. Everyone has the right to vote, school buildings can be used for voting, but kids should not be in there due to safety issues,” said Kris Snavely, of the Iowa State Teachers Association.

Board members discussed the plans currently in place, like most polls will be in gyms, and voters will have a directed in and out door to avoid contact.

However, masks aren’t required when voting.

Regarding the district’s return-to-learn plan, the board received updated data from Siouxland District Health and from the district.

Ultimately, the board decided as of right now, switching back to hybrid won’t be happening.

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