#schoolshooting | Mayor Friedberg delivers Bellaire State of the City address

On Monday night, Mayor Andrew S. Friedberg delivered the annual State of the City Address, sharing some of the highlights of 2019 and what to expect going into 2020.

“We’ve continued making steady progress and are eager to build upon our past accomplishments while planning for our future,” said Friedberg.

Friedberg started the State of the City with an inspirational reading from the personal account of Dr. Trevor Beffone after the Bellaire High School shooting that occurred earlier in January.

The community then heard annual reports from the boards and commissions governed by state law, as well as boards governed by city charter, including the Culture and Arts Board, Environmental Sustainability Board, the L.I.F.E. Advisory Board and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.

Accompanied by a packaged State of the City report, which community members can review at https://tinyurl.com/vsueynf, Friedberg delivered the presentation starting with 2019 highlights, including the completion of a new City Hall and Civic Center and a new Police and Municipal Court building. The presentation also highlights the Community Partners, the PATRONS for Bellaire Parks, the Bellaire Culture and Arts Board, the Bellaire Police and Fire Foundation and the Bellaire Master Drainage Concept Plan, a plan aimed at determining feasible improvements to reduce flooding potential with the City of Bellaire and surrounding areas.

Friedberg continued the presentation by going over the city’s operating budget, reviewing the cities’ General Fund, the Enterprise Fund, and the Debt Service Fund, then urging community members to exercise their right to vote.

The City Council’s priorities were also laid out, in no particular order: local and regional flood mitigation, premier public works services, public safety and mobility, budget and finance, quality of life, commercial redevelopment, parks and facilities, and to retain its premier employer status.


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