#schoolshooting | Michael Bloomberg Lists Every Single School Shooting That’s Happened Since Trump Took Office in Viral Video

Presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg has released a campaign video listing all the school shootings that have occurred since President Donald Trump took office as one of the reasons “we need to beat him in 2020.”

The billionaire former New York mayor, who has already pledged tens of millions of dollars for gun reform campaigning as a citizen, criticized the president for his failure to protect children by not imposing stricter firearm legislation and for “siding” with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

The campaign video begins with Trump ensuring that his administration is “doing a lot on gun safety.” The clip then goes onto to list the names of 263 schools where a shooting has occurred in the U.S. since Trump came into office.

The list starts with the shooting at West Liberty-Salem High School in January 2017 which left one student injured. It ends with a shooting Waukesha South High School in Wisconsin where a student was shot by police after bringing a gun to school on December 2, 2019.