Security Cameras Capture Attempted Smash & Grab At Denver Bike Store – CBS Denver | #childabductors

DENVER (CBS4) – Security cameras captured the moment two hooded suspects rammed a U-Haul truck through an electric bike store in what the business owner described as an attempted “smash and grab.” It happened Thursday morning at eBikes USA, located in Cherry Creek near University Boulevard and 3rd Avenue. The family-owned business sells high-end electric bicycles.

(credit: CBS)

“It will impact not just me as a business owner, it will also impact our customers. It will impact our employees. It even impacts our vendors that are supporting us,” said Houshmand Moarefi, owner and president of eBikes USA.

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The incident took place on Thursday at 4:40 a.m. Video captured by his security camera shows a U-Haul truck back into the storefront, shattering the glass windows. Within seconds, two people in hoodies run into the store and appear to notice the bikes are locked up before leaving.

“They didn’t get anything. I mean, clearly these are not the brightest people,” Moarefi said.

According to Moarefi, at least 16 high end e-bikes were damaged in the incident, and he’s currently unable to be sell them until insurance settles his claim. The store will also need new windows, carpet, and other possible repairs.

(credit: eBikes USA)

“At this point I estimate the damages will exceed $100,000 just in bicycles and the storefront, but obviously it’s too early on to tell what the real impact is,” Moarefi said.

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Moarefi said it could have been worse if his employees hadn’t secured the bikes before closing.

“It’s become common to smash and grab… break into a store and grab as many as you can,” he said. “Yes, they did cause a lot of damage, but it wasn’t easy for them to grab anything, and they abandoned.”

(credit: eBikes USA)

Moarefi and his employees reopened Friday after taking a day to clean up the mess. As customers came in to look at bikes Saturday, the storefront was still boarded up, and workers were carrying away what debris was left in the parking lot.

“Our employees have stepped up to clean up the store, the surrounding businesses helped out, some of the bicycle people from the industry have helped us,” Moarefi said. “It’s been really humbling to see how the community has helped us.”

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While a report has been filed with Denver Police, the department has not released any information about the incident. Moarefi also sent the video to U-Haul so the company can investigate who may have been behind the wheel.

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