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THE relationship between parents and children has gone sour over the last few decades. Children nowadays do not respect their elders the way the earlier generation used to do. There are many reasons behind this negative change.

Parents have given a lot of freedom to their children and, by fulfilling all their wishes, have made them arrogant. Children today fail to realise the amount of effort and hard work their elders used to put in to perform a certain task. And when their parents struggle to satisfy their fantastic desires, they tend to misbehave and hold grudges against them.

Besides teaching them the importance of hard work and gratitude, parents need to live by their word and be a role model for their children because, as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Children to a certain extent mirror the actions of their parents.

Parents should also keep an eye on the daily activities of their children, and the company they keep. Sensible parenting can fix all these issues and help children connect with the world in more meaningful ways.

Airaf Liaquat

Published in Dawn, June 24th, 2022

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