Sexual Assault Prevention on College Campuses



Several State Attorney Generals met today to discuss sexual assault on college campuses. The conference was especially timely considering the Montana Board of Crime Control released a report stating there have been 24 reported sexual assaults on college campuses in Bozeman and Missoula since 2009.

Montana’s Attorney General Tim Fox says he wants to prevent cases like these from happening by encouraging students to come forward.

“We want to encourage people to report instances of crime particularly if they become a victim but more important we want to have a robust prevention and education program in place so that our students on our college campuses don’t become victims of crime ad don’t offend.” Fox said.

Currently campuses across the nation are subject to both state and federal laws such as title 9 that require campuses to collect data on sexual harassment and sexual assault. Vice President of student development at UGF, Sherrie Aeri says part of the title 9 law is making sure they educate students about sexual assault on campus.

“One of the things we’ve done at UGF is provided information during orientation programs. I’ve also met with faculty and coaches and we’re putting together more and more educational programs to talk about sexual assault and to talk about harassment.” Aeri said.

The conference will continue tomorrow where Montana Attorney General Tim Fox says he will be speaking on a panel regarding considerations for representing universities and sexual assault cases once a student has come forward after being assaulted.