Shaw High School #student #arrested for ‘soliciting a #violent act’ through #social media

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) – The Muscogee County School District is responding after a high school student was arrested for “soliciting a violent act.”

The school district says the arrest was a result of an investigation conducted by law enforcement after school administrators and security received a report regarding a social media post published by a Shaw High School student.

The social media post was brought to the attention of school administration on Tuesday, Feb. 27.

According to the report provided to administration, the social media post was published off campus and included a solicitation to harm another student at Shaw High School.

When Upon notification, school administration immediately notified school security and proceeded with an investigation led by local law enforcement. As a result, a student was arrested and charged with criminal solicitation. The accused student has been removed from the school environment and will face immediate disciplinary action.

“Our primary concern is the safety of our students and personnel,” the school district said in a release. “Threats, in any form, made on or off campus will be considered with gravity.”

The district also says that actions that make a student’s presence on campus a potential danger to persons or property at the school or cause disruption to the learning environment could result in felony criminal charges. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic communications such as emails and social media posts.

“Bringing guns, and violence, and things of that nature, they need to handle that, definitely not let them come back to school,” said one concerned parent of a Shaw student.

This concerned mother, who did not want to be identified, says she kept her daughter home from Shaw High School Tuesday, along with dozens of other parents on high alert about the numerous threats.

She says parents should be more aware, and not ‘left in the dark’ about situations involving students.

“I think that they need to take the threats more seriously, and look at the warning signs of incidents like this that has happened previously,” said the mother.

Calvary Christian School is also dealing with threats at their private institution, fortunately, the threats were also not credible.

Lead pastor of the church spoke with News Leader 9 and is also encouraging parents to speak up and get more involved.

“One of the really good things that happened in this incident is that we had a student who cares about the school and safety of the school who brought it to the administration’s concern. Then a parent says they want to make sure everything is above board. So the parent reached out to local law enforcement,” said Struecker.