‘She told me she was meeting her uncle’: Boyfriend of missing pregnant Brisbane teen Tiffany Taylor says he had no idea she was ‘offering sex for money online’

The missing pregnant teen’s boyfriend admits he was under the impression she was receiving cash from her uncle – when she was in fact making money from offering sex through online dating sites.

Greg Hill had noticed that Tiffany Taylor, 16, who was five months pregnant, had been acting suspiciously but couldn’t pinpoint the reason for her strange behaviour.

The couple, who had been in a relationship for four years, lived together at the Waterford West hotel, south of Brisbane, where Rodney Wayne Williams, who was charged with Ms Taylor’s on Friday despite no discovery of a body, is believed to have picked her up from on July 12 – the last time she was seen.

‘She told me she was meeting her uncle to get money all the time and having coffees and coming home,’ the ABC reported Mr Hill as saying.

‘But sometimes she was gone for a long time but I had my suspicions but I never really knew.

‘I cared for Tiffany and loved her. She was special to me.

This comes as police are focusing on finding the mobile phone of missing pregnant teen Tiffany Taylor which is believed to contain vital information that could lead to her whereabouts.

A search party of 20 Queensland Police and 40 SES volunteers have had no luck finding Ms Taylor, who has not been seen since July 12, after searching around dense bushland west of Brisbane near the Brisbane Valley Highway.

However, mobile phone data retrieved by police reveals Ms Taylor and her accused killer, Rodney Wayne Williams, who met through an online dating site, were in the area for around two hours, the Brisbane Times reported.

Detective Senior Sergeant Tony Bristow said it was not known why Ms Taylor and Williams would have travelled to the Brisbane Valley, or if the teenager was already dead but the police were not going to search the area again on Sunday.

In a report by the ABC  Detective Bristow said the police are searching the bushland adjacent to Coaches Lane and Lovers Lane.

‘The terrain is quite thick bushland, there are some pastoral areas, however there are pockets of this which is extremely thick lantana and various water courses,’ Bristow said.

‘It is going to be extremely difficult.’

Police on horseback are also involved in the search near the Brisbane Valley Highway and Lovers Lane.

60-year-old Rodney Wayne Williams has been charged with the teenager’s murder even though her body is yet to be found.

Detective Bristow also told reporters at the search site that ‘Williams has provided a number of versions to police which we are still investigating.’

Meanwhile, Ms Taylor’s white Samsung smartphone has not been recovered, with police believing it was dumped around the suburbs of Bundamba and Riverview.

Police and the devastated family of Ms Taylor have appealed to the public for assistance to find her body after Williams, accused of her murder, was remanded in custody.

Police say the teen met her accused murderer, Rodney Wayne Williams on an online dating site and that she offered sexual services in exchange for money through the websites, while her sister says Tiffany Taylor was 20 weeks pregnant.

Tiffany Taylor has been missing since 11.45 on Sunday July 12, when she was seen leaving a motel in the Logan suburb Waterford West, south of Brisbane, where police say she had been living with her boyfriend of four years.

Friends and family could not reach Ms Taylor after her disappearance, and her sister reported her missing to police on July 15.

In a press conference on Friday afternoon, Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson alleged that the 16-year-old had met 60-year-old Rodney Wayne Williams on an online dating site.

He said that the pair had met up on Sunday July 12 and that they believed this was their first face-to-face contact.

Detective Superintendent Hutchinson also said that Ms Taylor had been offering sexual services for money on the online dating site.

Police appealed to the public for anybody who had seen a 1995 champagne coloured Hyundai Excel sedan with worn paint and blemishes on the roof of the car.

Detective Superintendent Hutchinson identified Brisbane Valley Highway and Paradise Road near Fernvale, Riverview, Bundamba and Larapinta as areas of interests.

Locals should be alert for any details which could help the investigation, he said, with Ms Taylor still missing as well as her white Samsung smart phone.

He said that police intend to hold SES searches in those areas.

He also said police would like to speak with anybody who communicated with either Williams or Ms Taylor on the online dating site.

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