Sheldon High School football game cancelled due to fight | #schoolshooting

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office told ABC10 rumors circulating online of a shooting at the game are unfounded; there’s no evidence guns were involved.

ELK GROVE, Calif. — The Sheldon High School homecoming football game against Franklin High School was canceled around halftime Friday night after a fight broke out, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office.

Spokesperson Lt. Cary Trzcinski told ABC10 rumors of a shooting that started circulating online after the cancelation were unfounded, that there is no evidence a gun was involved. Trzcinski did not say what led to the fight.

He said deputies now believe someone set off fireworks in the immediate area, causing the large crowd gathered for the fight to panic and scatter, running and hiding under nearby bleachers, thinking someone had shot a gun.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office said no injuries were reported. Deputies initially detained several students believed to be involved in the initial fight, Trzcinski said, but – ultimately – no charges were filed. Trzcinski said the school will be handling any discipline related to the fight.

He addressed another rumor that a stun gun or Taser was involved. He said it’s unclear whether a stun gun was present– but added that no law enforcement Taser or any other weapon belonging to an officer was involved, and it’s not believed a civilian stun gun was used against anyone.

Elk Grove Unified School District Spokesperson Xanthi Soriano told ABC10 that other homecoming weekend festivities will continue as planned.

“Even though there was this particular fight and incident that happened, we had security on site immediately. The situation was stabilized very quickly, and students were safe and there were no injuries, so I think that’s the best outcome,” Soriano said in a zoom interview Friday night. “I’m sure everybody is going to get a rise out of this and make sure they make the best out of homecoming. There are other activities that are going to be planned that schools will be doing within the COVID guidelines. It’s a little disappointing, but we are happy that everybody is safe.”

Sheldon Huskies head football coach Chris Nixon called what happened “Disgusting. Still not sure exactly what happened but I feel for the players,” he said in a text to ABC10.

It is not clear when exactly the game was canceled or if it would be rescheduled.

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