Sheriff #addresses #child #abuse case #involving #shock #collars on #girls

Sheriff Javier Salazar said Tuesday that the child abuse case involving shock collars on girls is one of the worst he’s seen.

“I’ve been a police officer for the better part of 25 years,” Salazar said. “Just when you think that nothing shocks you anymore, nothing surprises you, nothing disturbs you, a case will come across your desk like this one.”

Dad James Chalkley and stepmom Cheyanne Chalkley are facing injury to a child charges for abuse of two girls – one 5 years old, the other 10 years old.

The family lived on Flatstone Pass in Converse.

The sheriff said the girls had bruises after spankings with “not just any switch, a switch with thorns on it.” They also told detectives they were shocked with an animal shock collar.

The five-year-old girl told deputies that her dad put poop on her toothbrush and brushed her teeth so hard he caused her to bleed.

“I can’t even imagine what would possess somebody to do that to one of the worst criminals in society, much less one of your own children, a child that’s 5 years old,” Salazar said.

Jail officials released the Chalkleys at 6 p.m. Tuesday. The children are safe and in foster care, according to Sheriff Salazar.