Shock as gang of youths filmed beating kid as he cries for help

Kid-Bullied-Beaten-Up-VideoA young kid with a beanie hat is filmed punching and kicking the young victim as he pleads for help shouting “please”.

The victim manages to escape by jumping into a garden after being chased by two of the attackers and bangs on a window for help but no-one answers.

He is then caught by the attacker with the beanie, thrown to the floor and kicked hard multiple times in the head and back.

An online group who are circulating the video claim the incident took place in Bradford by a group of boys of Asian background. The victim is seemingly white.

The video has been viewed over 300,000 times and shared thousands of times.

The Yorkshire Standard has sent the video to police, and will provide updates on the story.

UPDATE: Three teens from Bradford have been arrested.

Source: Yorkshire Standard