They simply state that Davis is accused of having sexually exploitative material on her cell phone, with victims including a nine-year-old and a six-year-old.

But the accusations surrounding the discovery of the images, as detailed in a probable cause statement, are extraordinarily shocking — and may disturb some readers.

They are said to involve a claim that Davis performed oral sex on a family member.

On October 7, according to the document, a Denver police sergeant received information from a detective with the Johnstown department.

The detective maintained that Davis had sent text messages to a suspect in a child pornography case he was investigating.

“The text messages explained how the suspect (Davis) performed oral sex on” a family member, the report states.

The Denver sergeant subsequently saw the material retrieved from Davis’s cell phone, including “a photo of a young child’s penis” allegedly sent to her by the aforementioned child porn suspect. It’s purported to show the son of the suspect’s girlfriend.

The next day, Davis was interrogated and reportedly admitted to taking nude photos of a family member and sending them to the child porn suspect, as well as to possessing the photo of the girlfriend’s son. However, she denied performing oral sex on her family member.

In the end, the Denver District Attorney’s Office charged Davis with one count of sexual exploitation of a child related to the photos on the phone.

Editor’s note: The original version of this post included the probable cause statement. It’s been removed at the request of a family member because identifying information had not been completely deleted from the document. We’ve also made changes in the text to better protect the victims in this case.