Shoes Display on Courthouse Brings Home Importance of Child Abuse Prevention | #childabuse | #children | #kids

I was wearing these shoes when you saw me last. Knowing you should stop, you walked on past; eyes diverted, you stepped quickly to the side.

I saw you notice the holes in the soles – the tattered canvas and to short toes. Surely you knew things were even worse on the inside.

Did you not see the many shades of my bruises?
Or me trying to hide them with all the excuses?

I was very much hoping you’d know that I lied. But it was too easy to look in the other direction. To second guess, assume it was a misconception, when I desperately needed someone by my side.

Please remember my shoes and the ribbon of blue, when another child suffers from abuse, knowing that you should take action to defend.

Let the miles I’ve walked in these worn-out sneakers, turn the entire world in to advocates and speakers…
Until no child suffers from abuse ever again.

Each pair of shoes that you see here represents a child in this community who has suffered from abuse and neglect in the past year.

If you suspect a child is being neglected or abused, please call:


Members of the Freestone County Child Protective Board include (left-right):  Kayla Skinner, Amanda Gerdeman, Pillar Harris, Jeannie Keeney, Lovie Whyte, Karen Daniels, Cheryl Evans, Katherine Jackson, and Cynthia Gage.  (Photos by Karen Leidy)

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