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My Hero Academia‘s five seasons are packed with exciting action scenes, and not all of them have Izuku Midoriya as the star. This show generously takes the time to put other characters in the spotlight too, such as Ochaco Uraraka, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki. And any fight involving Shoto is bound to be an exciting one.

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So far, Shoto has been living up to his reputation as the powerhouse of U.A.’s Class 1-A. Shoto may not be perfect, but he’s strong, and his fight scenes prove that even this talented boy still has room for growth and must take his training seriously, like any proper shonen hero. Which are Shoto’s five best fights, and how did they turn out?

10 Shoto Todoroki Vs Izuku Midoriya At The U.A. Sports Festival

The U.A. Sports Festival was a wonderful opportunity for many students in Classes 1-A and 1-B to show off what they can do, and Shoto breezed his way to victory against Hanta Sero. Then he went up against Izuku Midoirya, who had prevailed against Hitoshi Shinso’s Brainwashing Quirk in the previous round.

At first, this looked like it would be another one-sided match, but that wasn’t the case. Shoto was still holding back by only using the ice half of his Quirk, and Izuku was even smarter and more tenacious than Shoto realized. This fight would be a bitter one.

9 The Winner: Shoto Todoroki, When He Used His Fire

The audience could hardly believe their eyes when Izuku Midoriya fought evenly against Shoto’s ferocious ice with his powerful punches since Izuku had the power of One For All on his side. Izuku was sacrificing his very fingers to stay even with his more talented classmate.

However, Izuku couldn’t stand the sight of Shoto holding back and denying himself his true power, so Shoto finally broke free of his mental barriers and used the fire half of his Quirk at last. This power narrowly overwhelmed Izuku’s final Smash attack, and Shoto won the match. He also won the battle in his head.

8 Shoto Todoroki & Allies Vs Stain, The Hero Killer

Stain tries to injest Shoto's blood

Tenya Iida went into a frenzy when he got the news that his beloved brother, Tensei Iida, had nearly died at the hands of Stain, the hero killer. Tenya got in over his head when he faced Stain alone, so Izuku and Shoto came to his aid.

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This was a risky move, since Stain is notorious for a reason, and students like Shoto and Izuku aren’t supposed to use their Quirks willy-nilly in the open. They never got their teacher’s permission to do this, but they did it anyway. Shoto is ready to face evil.

7 The Winner: Shoto’s Team, With Numbers On Their Side

Deku, Tenya, Shoto Vs Stain In My Hero Academia

This was a tough fight, and Stain demonstrated the use of his Bloodcurdle Quirk against his three younger opponents. Stain was also incredibly quick and agile, making him a difficult target even for Shoto, but the three students used tight teamwork to turn the tide.

In the end, the three boys overwhelmed Stain, and the police and even Endeavor arrived to take him away. Shoto and his classmates couldn’t openly take credit for this, though, Instead, they wisely made sure that Endeavor was credited with defeating Stain, hiding their role in all this.

6 Shoto Todoroki Vs Seijin Academy Students During The Provisional Hero License Exam

During the provisional hero license exam, Class 1-A’s students were forced to split up, since the students from countless other hero schools all focused on Class 1-A’s twenty members to try and take them out. Shoto ended up all alone, and he was outnumbered when a handful of students from Seijin Academy cornered him.

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These were steep odds, even for someone like Shoto, but there was no chance to run away. And besides, having this many opponents should, in theory, make it easy for Shoto to defeat enough foes to qualify for the exam’s next round. So, Shoto stood his ground.

5 The Winner: Shoto Todoroki, With Crafty Use Of His Quirk

Even Shoto had a tough time fighting so many foes at once, and one of his opponents could enlarge items to try and pound Shoto flat with oversized metal objects. Shoto’s ice could only do so much against these foes, so he reluctantly used the fire half of his Quirk, too.

Shoto used trickery and resourceful moves as well as brute force to fight back, and in the end, he knocked out all of his foes and sent them flying. So, he easily qualified for the next round of the exam, which would prove even more challenging.

4 Shoto Todoroki & Inasa Yoarashi Vs Gang Orca

The exam’s second phase involved a simulated civilian rescue scenario, and support heroes such as Ochaco Uraraka, Hanta Sero, and Momo Yaoyorozu got a chance to shine. But things became even dicier when the pro hero Gang Orca arrived, posing as a villain.

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No student could defeat Gang Orca alone, especially not with all those minions around. Worse yet, Shoto and his new rival, the wind-using Inasa Yoarashi, were actually fighting each other even as Gang Orca closed in for the kill.

3 The Winner: A Tie, Since Time Ran Out

Shoto Hero Costume

Shoto and Inasa were not terribly fond of one another, but they finally realized that cooperation was key, and they got to work. Gang Orca is an aquatic hero, as his orca whale theme suggested, and Shoto’s fierce flames got a real boost from Inasa’s windy powers.

Combined, Shoto and Inasa launched a fierce counterattack by surrounding Gang Orca and his minions with intense gales of hot air, rapidly drying out Gang Orca and thus weakening him. This kept him at bay until time ran out and the exam was over.

2 Shoto Todoroki’s Team Vs Juzo Honenuki’s Team

Season 5 is pitting Class 1-A against Class 1-B in team-based battles, and the third match involved Shoto Todoroki and Tenya Iida, fighting alongside Mashirao Ojiro and Mezo Shoji. This team is well-balanced, but Class 1-B’s team also had a fairly balanced makeup.

Shoto was the strongest student out of these eight, but that alone won’t guarantee victory, and Shoto was starting to get predictable by this point. He and his fellows made the first move, and Juzo Honenuki, AKA Mudman, was ready for him. Could Class 1-B prevail?

1 The Winner: None, Since Pony Tsunotori Forced A Tie

This battle was an incredibly close one, despite Shoto Todoroki’s overwhelming power. Unfortunately, Shoto was easy to predict and counter since he keeps relying on his overwhelming ice attacks in the early stages of every fight, so Juzo turned his ice soft and thus created a trap.

Shoto used both halves of his Quirk as the fight progressed, and in the end, he succumbed to Class 1-B, but not before dealing some serious damage. Finally, Pony Tsunotori used her floating horns to escape Mezo Shoji, running down the clock to ensure a tie. Pony couldn’t win the match herself, but with Shoto out of the picture, she was able to force a draw.

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