Sibling Rivalry: Parenting tips to end sibling rivalry based on your child’s age | #parenting

Maybe you planned 2 kids so that they’ll keep each other company and take care of each other. However, all they do is pull each other’s hair, fight over ‘who ate this or who did this’, and if things are worse, might be jealous of each other. If that is correct, know that there are a number of reasons why there could be sibling rivalry in your children. Even though harmless routine fights are alright, and sometimes even serve as a bonding style; it is a point of concern if it feels more like rivalry.

Based on your children’s age, there are a number of ways in which you can directly or indirectly put an end to their constant bickering and make them more comfortable and peaceful around each other. Nothing can beat a pair of siblings, if they are there for each other. We want that, right? So, let’s first check out why these siblings can’t get along, at least for now.

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