Simpsons characters who mysteriously disappeared | #missingkids

Ned Flanders is the primary outlet for Simpsons writers to deal with neighbor issues, but the Simpsons and the Flanders live on a crowded street. Aside from Ned and his bunch, Homer and Marge rarely, if ever, see the folks who live around them. In some of the early seasons of The Simpsons, neighbors moving in was a relatively common plot device to introduce new characters or set up a plot, and yet after those introductions, immediate Evergreen Terrace residents were rarely heard from again.

In the 1992 episode “New Kid on the Block,” newly divorced Ruth Powers moves in nearby, along with her teenage daughter, Laura. The former takes Marge on a Thelma and Louise-like illegal adventure while Bart gets a powerful crush on the latter. Ruth serves a brief prison stint, explaining her disappearance for a while, but both Powers women show up as background characters, while Ruth appeared in a 2003 episode to help Marge become a bodybuilder. Then she’s gone again.

After former president George Bush moves in across the street, butts heads with Homer, and moves out, another former president, Gerald Ford, moves in. Unlike the last guy, he and Homer become fast friends, bonding over their mutual love of football and beer. He hasn’t been seen in an episode since 1997, but as the real-life ex-president died in 2006, his Simpsons counterpart probably passed on, too.

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