SISD #investigating #bullying claims after #student takes his own #life

EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14) — The Socorro Independent School District is now investigating claims that the student who killed himself after prompting school lockdowns was being bullied.

Devin Kelley was a freshman at Pebble Hills High School. Police said he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
According to a GoFundMe account, Kelley was found dead on Friday with a weapon near him.

Last week, Kelley’s parents reported him missing and told the district he left home with a gun. The incident prompted a lockdown at Pebble Hills High School, Manuel R. Puentes Middle School and James P. Butler Elementary School.

Family and friends of the teenager have taken to social media to express their concerns about bullying.

Marivel Macias, assistant superintendent with SISD, said the district could not comment on what stage the investigation is in but said students found guilty of bullying would be expelled.

“Every single situation is a little different and the discipline is also a little bit different,” Macias said.

Macias said the ongoing investigation for Kelley is what they do for every student who may be bullied.

“Anything that comes to us, it is our due diligence that we investigate fully and provide support. So it’s for Devin Kelley. It’s for any student. It’s for anything that comes our way,” Macias said.

Sophomore Isaac Gordon says he’s heard of students being bullied at school.

“Some kids have been bullied just because of how smart they are or what race they are,” Gordon said.

Gordon said despite the sad news of a fellow student passing, he says the school is coming together. ” A lot of kids just need resiliency right now.”

Junior Dylan Bushmare remembers a happy Devin.

“Everyone has been mourning the loss of him. I don’t think there was a time he didn’t smile,” Bushmare said.

The district provides a website where bullying can be reported. Macias said the page is used daily.