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By Desire Mbabaali

Sisterhood.Mary Chol Adut, a student and model, has been friends with Emily Ayen, a model and former Miss Tourism Karamoja from the time they met. The pair believe that getting to know each other was like finding their  lost sibling, writes Desire Mbabaali.

How would you describe Emily?
Emily is a very hardworking and humble person and doesn’t play when it comes to getting things done. She also knows how to counsel people and make them feel better.

When and how did you meet?
The first time I met her, we were leaving the country in 2019. We were both booked for a Gucci Fashion Show in Milan, Italy.  My manager connected us and told me we would live together, so we met at the airport.

On our trip, we got to talk about life, and even when we returned, we realised we were a lot alike and that we were going through similar experiences. Since then, she became like a sister to me and we have never been apart since.  

What nickname do you have for her?
Super  Model.

What is she most scared of?
Letting herself down. For example, when she wants to do something, she can call you many  times a day, trying to ensure everything is perfect.   


What is the craziest thing she ever did?
Emily loves to travel – no wonder she is a former Miss Tourism and she travels a lot. I also like to travel, but not as much. One of the craziest things she often does is call me out of the blue to join her on her travels.
I remember a time when she called me at around 2pm to go to Kidepo National park at 6pm.  She thinks about it, and the next hour, you hit the road.

What is the craziest thing you did together?
Running a charity organisation. This is something we thought we would do when we made  so much money or after we have made it in life.
We have been home for the whole of 2020 without working, but we still made it a reality and it is so crazy sometimes how things happen.

How often do you fight?
We have never had a fight, but we sometimes have disagreements. Usually, we just let each other stay with our own opinions.

Did you ever team up to fight someone?
We have teamed up to ghost people in our lives. I have cut off some friends in my life and she has cut off some friends in her life just because we have sat and agreed that we no longer need them in our lives and we usually help each other in the process.   

How often do you meet these days?
Nowadays since she lives in Kotido and I am in Kampala, we rarely see each other but we always communicate. Since we met, she is the person I speak to the most.

How would you describe Mary?
Mary is my sister from another mother.  She is  an optimistic  go-getter.  Every time I feel so low, she is always there to  lift  me up and cheer me on when I need to get back on track.  She is a little sister.   

How and when did you meet?
We met when we walked for Gucci.  While waiting for the show, the Gucci casting director told me that there was this girl who looked like me, and was more or less like my sister. I was told that they needed the two of us together for the show.
So, travelling together to Milan,  Italy getting lost together on the metros,  walking the show together and travelling back together sealed our friendship.   

What is her nickname ?

What is she  most  scared of?
Failure, especially in her career.

What  is  the craziest  thing she has ever done?
Joining me to travel the whole  of Uganda in a week and a half.  We were on the road every day for a week and a half.  It is crazy that she is always willing and ready to go with me on my spontaneous trips.  

What is the craziest  thing  you did together?
Travelling the entire country together. She always has the vibe and the energy to encourage and tolerate my travel whims.  

How often do you fight?
We do fight sometimes but we fight over small things such as when we should hang out or  when we should  meet.

Did you ever team up to fight someone?
No, we are both warm and we like everyone.

How  often  do  you  meet  these days?
Almost every month. We largely meet for work-related issues – modelling – these days and maybe for our charity work.
  While I was still in Kampala, we used to meet each other almost every day.

Do  you ever  argue,  and what  is  the most  memorable  argument  you have  ever  had?
Rarely.  We mostly argue about music. Sometimes, we like different genres  yet we want to play it at ago.

If  you  were  told  that  your friend was in jail, what crime would come to mind first?
 I cannot  imagine her in jail.  She is just too disciplined.

What is that habit you would change about  her?
 Nothing.  She is just good  inside out. 

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