Skyrim – Orc Warrior Adventures #14 – Stranger Danger

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim – Orc Warrior Adventures #14 – Stranger Danger

  1. xsKiitz

    I never watch Skyrim commentaries because the main guys that do it and
    nerdy fags that aren’t interesting, but this is Muzza so any video is

  2. RageQuitForLife

    its because many of his subbed liked him for his cod sniper gameplays and
    montages, but he doesnt really do that anymore so they dont really watch
    him anymore

  3. MilkyDischarge

    personally I prefer it this way, it means he makes videos because he enjoys
    it and he can bring us what we want to see

  4. Jordnn

    You totally upload regularly and produce good content. I can tell by your 2
    videos that have a two day separation and one is an intro….

  5. lifecrysis1307

    or he doesnt produce the content that people find interesting. Plus,
    spamming out skyrim videos(a year old ago footage) + an N64 game. Doesnt
    grab much attention.

  6. Zekeasaurus Rex

    I don’t wanna sound like a dick but I kinda like this because he can
    interact with us better! But I do love him so.