Soccer coach due in court Monday morning

A former Guntersville soccer coach is due in a Marshall County Courtroom Monday morning to face child porn charges.

David Barrow pleaded guilty last Thursday to human trafficking charges in Madison County that included the use of hidden cameras.
Barrow’s criminal charges are expected to be resolved Monday morning with a plea before a Marshall County judge.

He’s charged there with 25 counts of production of child pornography, one count of possessing child porn, and one count of aggravated criminal surveillance.

Investigators have said Barrow hid cameras under a table at an athletic facility as well as a bathroom stall.

He was arrested on those charges after he was charged with human trafficking in Marshall County back in 2014.

He was sentenced to 30years on last week.

Barrow is expected to be in court 9 a.m. and WAFF will also be there to cover it.