South Bay summer camps adapt to COVID-19 restrictions | #covid19 | #kids | #childern

Children who enroll in a tennis summer camp offered by Cupertino’s Parks and Recreation Department likely won’t have to wear PPEs while learning a sport. But the young wizards who sign up for Hogwarts Camp might be shouting “Expelliarmus!” from behind face masks.

Cupertino’s summer camps have been adapted to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, which means that each camp can accommodate no more than 12 children, who can enroll in only one three-week camp at a time and can’t switch to a different group during those three weeks.

Campers enrolled in different activities at the same facility can’t mingle, and they’ll be getting their temperatures taken with a no-contact thermometer when they arrive each day. Masks are required for kids ages 6 and up, and campers must bring their own.

While most camps will be held at Blackberry Farm in the group picnic sites, some campers will be able to log on from their homes to learn Lego-building skills, stop-motion animation techniques and how to do a head-to-toe examination on a newborn.

That last skills set is part of a “Little Pediatrician” class for 5- to 10-year-olds. An online sports medicine class for the same age group will have students assume the role of an athletic trainer and an orthopedic surgeon.
Besides budding medical professionals, Cupertino also offers summer camps for kids interested in science, art, dance, magic and making desserts. The camps run through Aug. 16; for a complete schedule and more information about camp health and safety protocols, visit

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