South West leavers using social media to buy and sell party drugs as police issue warning | #socialmedia | #children

Leavers are using social media channels to buy and sell drugs such as MDMA and LSD — as police warn they will continue to target those trying to break the law.

Public Snapchats overnight have revealed ex-students are using the social media platform to secure and sell drugs, with reports of Zone attendees “pinging” throughout the night.

“Pinging” refers to the high felt while on large amounts of stimulants such as party drugs.

One Snapchat showed partying teens believed to be at The Zone under the caption “who got tabs got cash” understood to be referring to the hallucinogenic drug LSD, while another showed teens driving with the caption “who’s got capss” understood to be the party drug MDMA.

The revelations come after WA Police confirm two leavers were also charged overnight, one with driving under the influence and one driving in excess of 0.08.

While no drug charges have yet to be laid, South West Superintendent Geoff Stewart warned leavers and community members there would be a strong police presence in Dunsborough and Busselton.

“There’s now two kids who now have a date with the Busselton court to answer charges of drink driving, we don’t want to see it happen, the risks to them and the community are far too great,” he said.

Camera IconPublic snapchat photos of schoolies searching for drugs.
Public snapchat photos of schoolies searching for drugs.
Camera IconPublic snapchat photos of schoolies searching for drugs.

“This district suffers all too often to loss of people on our roads and we don’t want to see it, particularly at this time of year.

“We have more than enough resources to deal with contingencies as they arise and we will be doing all that we can to support the great events that are being put on.

“Whilst everyone comes down here for a great time there will be people coming down here to make some money off these leavers by indulging in illicit drug activity.

“We will continue to identify and target people who have illicit drugs and are trying to sell or supply them to people.

“We do that every year and we will probably have instances where that will happen over the next few days and all I can say is to any leavers, or anyone else, don’t take things that you don’t know where they came from — it’s silly.”

Supt. Stewart’s warnings come after South West leavers were involved in sordid scavenger hunts featuring teens brazenly having sex in public and snorting drugs off scantily clad bodies.

WA Police have already warned teens attending leavers there would be serious consequences to behaviour they viewed as “a bit of fun”.

Red Frogs WA State director Hayden Glass said while they had no major incidents throughout the night volunteer were aware drugs could become a factor and were doing what they could to support leavers.

“We encourage all young people to continue to party safely, make sure they know where they can get help if they need it,” he said.

“If any young person asks us for help, wristband or not, we will provide support… we’re here to make sure this is a week to remember not a week they’d rather forget.”

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