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MIAMI (WSVN) – A special education teacher at Auburndale Elementary School has been arrested and fired after some alarming allegations.

Graciela Reyes-Marino, 60, was arrested on Thursday after she allegedly punched two students during class.

According to the arrest form, in one of the incidents, a witness claims a student kept crying and screaming and that is when Reyes-Marino grabbed him by the wrist, shoved him to the bathroom area and left him there for approximately three to four seconds.

As the student continued to scream and cry, the witness told authorities they let the student out of the bathroom.

7News has learned what caused that student to get upset was another incident that occurred right before.

According to the arrest form, “Defendant asked victim one to sit down repeatedly, when victim one stood up for the third time, defendant forcefully sat him down on his chair by putting both hands on victim one’s shoulders. Victim one stood up, screamed ‘No,’ kicked defendant and threw himself to the floor. Defendent forcefully lifted victim one from the ground, proceeded to kick him in the leg and punch him with a closed fist on his upper back area prior to sitting him down.”

There may have also been a third incident with another student as the arrest report reads, “a witness said during their reading session the teacher punched a student on the top part of his back when he kept looking underneath the desk.”

When the accusations against Reyes-Marino surfaced, the district reassigned her as authorities investigated.

Now that she is facing charges of child abuse and child neglect with no great bodily harm, she has been fired.

Reyes-Marino denies using physical force to restrain a student and denies the third incident as well.

She said she was going to grab a diaper for the student who was in the bathroom.

M-DCPS officials released a statement following the arrest reading in part, “Miami-Dade County Public Schools is deeply disturbed about the serious allegations made against the employee. Conduct such as the one she is accused of will not be tolerated.”

Reyes-Marino was employed with Miami-Dade County Public Schools for eight years.

District officials said she will be precluded from seeking future work with M-DCPS.

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