Special needs students in Goldsboro receive help learning life skills | #specialneeds | #kids

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)- Practicing life skills is crucial for special needs students hoping to become more independent someday. Edgewood Community Developmental School in Goldsboro specializes in special needs students with a focus on preparing them for independent living and jobs.

Courtesy Food Lion

This week, Food Lion donated equipment for the school to create a mock grocery store. The company said they were able to gather items no longer being used in their stores like a register, shopping carts, and shelving.

The company also donated gift cards the school could use to stock the shelves.

Courtesy Food Lion

The Food Lion partnership with Edgewood School will not only impact our students, but also families in the community,” said Ken Smith, principal of Edgewood Coommunity Developmental School.

The Food Lion of Edgewood will help students learn about money, grocery shopping, and appropriate behavior in a public setting. It will also help them learn other life skills like menu planning, and developing a shopping list. Food Lion said the mock store may also help students learn job skills like how to stock shelves or use a cash register.

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