Special needs teenager drowns in Asi River in northern Israel | #specialneeds | #kids

A 17-year-old special needs girl drowned on Friday in the Asi River near Nir David in northern Israel, Israeli news site Walla reported.The girl arrived at the river as part of an activity arranged for a non-profit organization of special needs teenagers.MDA paramedics who arrived at the scene attempted to revive her, and police took the organization’s 34-year-old manager in for questioning. “When we arrived at the scene, we were led to the river and pulled the unconscious girl out of the water; she was not breathing and had no pulse,” the paramedic told Walla. “We gave her medical treatment and performed CPR operations, but she was in critical condition and in the end we had to determine her death at the scene.”The girl had a stroke in 2015, which resulted in her state of being. She collapsed during a P.E. class and was in coma for a short time. In February, a nine-month-old baby was brought to Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya after falling in a bathtub at his home in Acre, and was declared dead eight days later.

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