Spider-Man Is About to Fight Falcon and Winter Soldier’s Villain Baron Zemo | #students | #parents

Non-Stop Spider-Man brings Marvel Cinematic Universe villain into play as Hydra’s creations hurt Peter Parker’s fellow students.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Non-Stop Spider-Man #1 by Joe Kelly, Chris Bachalo, Dale Eaglesham, Travis Lanham, Tim Townsend, Morry Hollowell and Marcio Menyz, on sale now.

Non-Stop Spider-Man has found Peter Parker in major trouble at Empire State University as he tries to solve the mystery behind a mysterious drug ravaging the student population. He’s lost one friend, Austin, to it and is trying to keep others from dying.

However, as his mission takes an action-filled turn, Spider-Man’s latest battle drags in one of the main villains of Disney+’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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Pete’s investigation of Austin’s apartment results in a high-octane chase with a group of tech-savvy villains. He’s surprised they’ve got so much firepower, resulting in him handling things a bit more aggressively as he realizes how close the drug, A-Plus, is hitting to home. Students are taking it to achieve good grades, and sadly, one of his other friends, Kel, seems to be suffering ill-effects, which angers him in the heat of the moment.

While Spider-Man chases the goons, Kel is running out of time. Eventually, he reaches her, but as he tries to get her to safety, Kel loses her memory. It leaves the web-head petrified as he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to cook up a solution or if the medical authorities can heal her. But he’ll have a lot more to deal with soon than just these henchmen because the back-up story teases the ultimate villain of the comic, Baron Zemo.

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Zemo’s always caused trouble for Captain America and the Avengers in the comics, with fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting the worst of him in the Civil War film, where he turned the MCU’s greatest heroes against each other.

In this case, though, Zemo’s looking to kill the weak as he scours the globe for Hydra cells. In Paris, he beheads Herr Von Chance and guns down the entire group of soldiers, noting they weren’t worthy of being in the terrorist cell. He wants to evolve Hydra, after all, and it seems he’s obsessed with making New York his first target by taking command over a remnant of agents there.

We saw him recently trying to raze it, going up against the Punisher and spitting in the face of Mayor Wilson Fisk, the former Kingpin. But this story here seems to be the start of him wanting to tear the city apart, and from his words, it seemed like the drug trade and destroying the minds of the youth was the best way to commence his vendetta.

While it’s not entirely clear how peddling illicit study aids to students fits into his plans to refocus Hydra on its goal of eliminating the week, Zemo is on a collision course with an unusually angry Spider-Man, who’ll show Zemo just how strong he is.

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