Former hacker and CEO Gregory Evans, of Hi-Tech Crime Solutions International, explains why it is important for parents to install spyware on their kids cell phone.

In the blog, http://parentsecurityonline.com, Mr. Evans states, “Today kids are doing more on their cellphones than on their computers.” He goes on to say, “Parents should know everything their child is doing at all times. Good parenting requires knowing what is happening in all aspects of their child’s life, and they will find everything that they never knew about them on their cell phone,” said Evans.

In a recent article posted on Parenting.com, the importance of parents monitoring their children’s cellphone activity was explained: “There’s a new level of communication between kids: They may say things to or about each other online that they’d never say in person. Which can lead, of course, to toxic gossip, cyberbullying, and damaged reputations. Also, children may think that the words and images posted online are fleeting, but they can be saved and forwarded and seen by practically anyone, and can linger for years. Words typed in a text message that seem innocuous and impermanent can actually be life-changing. In 2007, for example, a boy in Portage, IN, was arrested for sending angry text messages to his ex-girlfriend, threatening her and another friend. Had these words been said face-to-face, they might have been dismissed. But as digital messages, they set off major alarm bells and the police got involved. The boy wasn’t convicted, but the charges will stay on his record until he’s 18.”

In a recent interview with the owner of the largest distributor of cell phone spyware, Gregory Evans asks the questions that parents want to know when considering spyware.

Q. What is the name of your company?

A. Cell Tracker – not to be confused with the site cell-trackers.com, which advertises a free cell phone tracker which is not really free as you have to complete trial pay.

Q. Thanks for clarifying that. So what is your web site address?

A. The website is http://www.cell-tracker.info.

Q. A parent using your software can retrieve what type of information from their child’s cellphone?

A. A parent can track all cell phone calls, track text messages, locate their child’s locations, read all their emails sent and received, look at all photos on their child’s phone, watch all the videos sent to the phone, even turn on the microphone on their child’s cellphone and listen to all the conversations in their child’s room. Most of all record all conversations spoken of the phone.

Q. Listening to cellphone calls, turning on microphones and reading emails cannot be legal can it?

A. It is legal only if you are installing it on a cellphone you own and pay the bill for. You can install it on your child’s cellphone who is under 18 years old and you purchase the phone and you are paying the bill. You cannot install it on your 36-year-old child who lives outside your home.

Q. There are a lot of websites that have popped up of the years claiming they were the first How long have you been in business?

A. Cell Tracker was created June 13, 2012.

Q. There are a lot of websites selling cell phone spyware and computer spyware, so what products do you sell?

A. We only sell one product: Cell Tracker which is a software program that allows you to track any Android cell phone or tablet and see calls, text messages and emails sent and received by the mobile devices as well as the exact GPS location 24/7.

Q. How do you install your software?

A. The software is easily installed by using the devices web browser and navigating to the web address/url of the tracking app. This information along with everything else needed (tech support email and phone number, how to links, etc.) are provide immediately after purchase of Cell Tracker.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Cell Tracker has no recurring or monthly fees. You pay a one-time payment of $69 and you are a member for life. This means you can track any cell phones or tablets for the rest of your life without paying another single penny.

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