ST Choking game

Hi Karmeleons! I was reading a newspaper and was shocked to hear about young people playing this choking game in Ireland. I wanted to make you guys aware tha…


16 thoughts on “ST Choking game

  1. carasgoodkarmatv

    Dont forget the serious side of things. Remember if you have something you
    want me to talk about just let me know!

  2. Michael Flaherty

    Thankyou so much Cara.I am only 13 years old and thankfully I have never
    heard of this choking game which i am guessing is good.Your comedy vids are
    hilarious and ST`s are teaching me alot. I have only just became a fan so I
    am starting to watch alot of your vids.Also are you a psyciatrist because I
    saw in one of your vids a book about psycology ?

  3. Joshua Flanagan

    Thanks so much Cara. To be honest, I haven’t even heard of this choking
    game until now. And I have the same opinion on it as you have – it’s such a
    stupid thing to do. Why risk paralysis, damage to your brain or even death
    to look cool?
    Anyway, I really enjoy your videos: the comedic ones always have me
    laughing, and you have a very good insight on all the topics you talk about
    in your ST videos. I’ve been subscribed for a little while now, so keep the
    videos up! xD

  4. charlotte needham

    These year 10 people were playing it and they ended up unconscious and they
    were taken to the hospital in an ambulance and that scared the hell out of
    a lot of people me included

  5. carasgoodkarmatv

    Hi 🙂 I’m happy that you are ok now. you don’t have to feel ashamed
    because you have learnt from your experience and thankfully you haven’t
    done it since. Yes its common for twitches or spasms to happen when people
    do this. Anyway thanks for watching and sharing its great to here you
    realized it wasn’t the right thing to do 🙂

  6. Darren502

    Never even knew that there was something called the ‘choking game’ till I
    watched this video. Kids are getting dumber and dumber everyday. Great
    video cara 😛 I hope kids are watching this video.

  7. carasgoodkarmatv

    Thank you for watching and yes I couldn’t believe that kids were doing this
    for fun I hope no one else gets hurt.

  8. Sblkd1997

    This made me cry ( I’m a young girl under the age of 15 ) I love you cara
    you are my internet big sister

  9. carasgoodkarmatv

    Thank you so much for your kind comment it really made my day 🙂 If you
    ever have a video request, question or anything like that you can send it
    to me anytime. Thanks so much for watching!

  10. carasgoodkarmatv

    😛 u should tell him that the very fact he doesn’t know what it is he’s
    inhaling should be enough lol It would be funny if you found the source and
    told him it was something that couldn’t possibly make him high so he was
    just imagining it every time!

  11. Emma Henry

    I did this on my own quite a time ago and I completely freaked out when I
    woke up. Straight afterwards I realised how incredibly STUPID I was,
    because when I woke up I had some kind of spasm… It was because people in
    my class at school were doing this. It kills brain cells and can lead to
    brain death or actual DEATH… Even now I still feel so ashamed and
    stupid… Sorry for the mega long talk goodbyeeeee

  12. LegendOfOtaku13

    My friend just gets high of the smoke that comes out of the vents at our
    school. I worry about him, but I don’t know what smoke/gas it is so he says
    my reason doesn’t have solid enough evidence to convince him not to do