Statement from James Calderón for Board of Education -ROTC Initiative | #Education

As we continue to work for “Change for Our Future,” we look to offer how we can improve options for our students and their careers. 

In Livingston, we focus our education on College Preparation, which has been a strategy that allows us to widely benefit the student body. Our vision is to continue to provide our students with beneficial educational options and career paths. 

The military offers unique opportunities, and part of our first year goals as a member of the Board of Education is to initiate the implementation of an ROTC program from one of our military branches at Livingston High School. 

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An ROTC program would allow us to prepare between 25-30 students per graduating class for the military academies such as West Point, the Naval Academy, Air Force Academy or Coast Guard Academy. These are all competitive schools to be accepted into providing students with an array of career majors from Aerospace Engineering, Information Technology, Quantitative Economics, Oceanography, Cyber Operations and many other majors of unique interest that are fit for the 21st century and beyond.  

The military plays an important role in our country and provides our future great options for career paths that are fully paid for through service benefiting the finances of families. The military allows for recognition of young individuals that want to implement new technologies and practices for the betterment of our nation. It provides challenging options and benefits that we should be assisting those students interested in these careers achieve. 

Our United States Representative Mikie Sherrill is a graduate from the Naval Academy.  She later earned a Law Degree and today is our Representative in Congress.  Her journey began in the military, and we hope many of our students can have similar achievements through this rewarding discipline.

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