Stephens announces his bid for re-election to School Board | #Education

Five years ago, I accepted an appointment to complete Bob Eby’s term of service on the Oak Ridge Board of Education. Eby was offered a position on the Tennessee State Board of Education and he seized the opportunity to do so. Eby is a valued member of this community, as was recently demonstrated with his selection to receive a Muddy Boot Award in Oak Ridge this year for many years of his selfless service.

I completed Eby’s term and was elected in November 2007 to my own term of service on the Oak Ridge Board of Education, which ends of this year. I have learned many lessons during this term, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the first lessons I learned before the pandemic was being reminded of importance of having teachers in our district living in our immediate community. I completely understand that requirement because it speaks to their accessibility to the parents and students. I only had to reflect on my parents comments about speaking with parents, students and administrators while they were in church, at the store, or attending a local function.

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