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As the return to learning continues, one local college currently sees no active cases of COVID-19 and no students in quarantine or isolation. 

According to the Stephen’s College COVID-19 dashboard, as of Wednesday, it has reported 20 students that have recovered from the virus.

Dianne Lynch, Stephens College President, said a majority of those cases were from some of the college’s athletic programs.

To put up a fight against the virus, the college has many precautions in place and has adjusted some along the way like postponing their fall sports seasons.

According to the college’s COVID-19 dashboard, it reports zero COVID-19 cases.

“How’s that possible,” asked Dianna Lynch, Stephens College President. “That’s possible because they stay in their social pods. And they’re careful and follow protocol everywhere else.”

Stephens College has many precautions in place like, requiring masks to be worn inside and outside everywhere on campus, students must stay in small social pods, everyone is screened before entering buildings and social distancing is implemented everywhere and all food services are offered online. 

After the college saw its first few positive COVID-19 cases it also closed its campus to visitors. 

“I think that’s a very smart thing for them to do,” said Gracie Baker, a Stephens College student. “Because you never know if somebody’s family is coming from a place it’s going to turn into a hotspot sooner. Were they in contact with somebody that had it? I think that was a very smart decision on their part.”

As the University of Missouri surrounds Stephens’ campus and the cases totals being much different, this brought some concerns to both students and faculty. 

“To be honest, Yes, I was worried,” said Kelsey Ross, a Stephens College student. “Some of my friends were worried. We were worried that with some of the students using our campus as sort of like a cross between different places in town. Yes, we were worried about the cases, it’s spreading here.”

For Stephens’ students who do test positive for the virus or are considered a close contact, the college does provide separate housing for those who need to quarantine and isolate but also gives the students an option to go home as well. 

Lynch said if students did not follow the college’s COVID-19 guidelines, they could face a $250 fine.

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