How to Stop Your Child from Being a Bully to Others

Bullies are, unfortunately, a prevalent problem in our society, and they come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Fortunately, you can staunch the flow of a bully in your home by teaching your kids to be respectful of others.

Let Them Know That Bullying WILL NOT Be Tolerated

When your kids exhibit signs of being a bully, such as judgmental language and bad behavior at home and in public, let them know that yourstance on bullying is zero tolerance. Set consequences for these negative actions, and be sure to follow through if the occurrences continue.

Keep Tabs on Your Kids

Keeping tabs on your children is considered taboo and overprotective nowadays, but the truth is, sometimes you need to be overprotective. Know their friends, their friends’ families, and maintain access to their emails, text messages, electronics, and passwords. You can still give them a sense of independence and freedom while keeping them safe and stable. You could even seek free legal consultation to brush up on the consequences of severe bullying in your state. You never know when bullying could extend past name-calling to something more damaging.

Set a Good Example with Your Own Good Behavior

The saying of, “do as I say, not as I do,” doesn’t fly with most kids. You have to set a good example with your own good behavior if you expect the same from your child. Never, ever be insulting or harsh to someone else, especially in the presence of your kids. They pick up on everything. Therefore, if you are mean and hurtful, you can expect the same from them as they get older.

Teach Kids Respect, Kindness, and Manners from a Young Age

Respect begins at home. If your child doesn’t say please and thank you to you and their other family members, then you can’t expect them to be the same level of polite and well-mannered towards others. Encourage them to be kind and respectful, as well as polite, by reminding them of their manners from a young age.

Follow Through with Consequences for Their Actions

If bullying has never been okay in your home, then kids should know to expect consequences for their bullying actions. Take away their electronics, ground them from seeing friends, do whatever you have to do to get your message across in a no-nonsense, fair way. When they see that you have zero tolerance for that kind of bad behavior, they will concede.

Bullying is a learned trait. When one child feels bullied, they will usually lash out and become the bully. Fortunately, you can help your kiddo overcome their own bullies, while avoiding them becoming a bully too.