Stop the choking game

Here is a video to warn everybody about the concequeces of the choking game and by the way you can die from it without the use of rope or a belt! Please visi…


8 thoughts on “Stop the choking game

  1. maddievaniity

    @blacktalon606 My cousin died from this. He was 1:16 in the video. He was
    one of the smartest kids I know so for you to be saying that is really
    fucking ignorant and reminds me of WHY I hate todays people.

  2. GhostofVoorhees

    Listen i am a kid and i will probably make a vid a bout this. WHY in the
    world would you try to kill yourself???? Thats practically what ur doing.
    “Wow, getting high without drugs” eather way its killing brain cells that
    will never come back agin. “playing” the chocking game for 3 min. you can
    have PERMEATE brain damage. And I agree with 8u Manny Chase 1023, to many
    stupid kids.

  3. blacktalon606

    @maddievaniity You must know some duuuuuuumb people if he was the smartest
    one. Did anyone ever catch Einstein playing the choking game? I’m pretty
    sure they didn’t, because he was an intelligent person. While we all do
    things at times that can be considered dumb, no intelligent person does
    something so morose.